Posted by: nedpelger | July 31, 2008

Insights into an Architect’s Mind

The Dutch architets UNStudio have designed a proposed flagship store for fashion house Louis Vuitton in Japan. The location and construction schedule of the ten-story building are secret, but the attached renderings and sketches give some insights into an Architect’s mind.

Most Construction Supervisors I’ve known place Architects at about the same level of respect as Politicians .  Probably since  we see their mistakes up close and personal and often have to fix them. I’ve sat on the design side of the table a few times, though, and developed a healthy respect for the difficulty of starting with a blank sheet. My designs were completely functional and just as ugly. It’s a wonderful gift (and one I don’t possess) to be able to develop the idea and concept of a beautiful building.

You can see how the model below helped the Architect see and show the building concept.

Now when I start considering a building design, I start with the building structure. I doubt most Architects begin this way, but the sketch below that shows the structure fascinates me.

The concept of travel through the building also needs to be considered early in the design process and the sketch below helps you to see it.

If you look at these pictures from the bottom to the top, I think you get an insight into the designer’s mind. Take a moment to appreciate the complexity of the task of starting from a blank sheet and  creating the design of a  beautiful  building.  Maybe  even  surprise the Architect you work with and let he or she know you appreciate his/her efforts. At the very least, you will make them nervous…which is always a good thing.

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