About Us

The Beginning:

Ned Pelger, P.E. conceived of ConstructionKnowledge.net as a way to help others move up the ranks in this great business. Over the years, Ned worked as an on site Construction Supervisor, Project Manager, Structural Engineer and Company President. Ned developed lots of Rules of Thumb and Tricks of the Trade that he shares with co-workers on projects. This site grew from a desire to share more broadly.

The Purpose of ConstructionKnowledge.net:

If you like building and you like learning, you can succeed in construction. Your gender, your race, even your IQ, don’t matter much compared to a compelling desire to grow and learn. The purpose of this website is to help you learn and advance. Use us as your online resource  for construction knowledge.

Ned Pelger’s Biography:

Ned Pelger, a professional engineer in Pennsylvania, owns and operates Pelger Engineering and Construction, Inc. Ned founded the firm in 1996 to provide high quality Construction Management services to a select group of clients. By utilizing his 25 years of design and construction experience, much of it hands-on, Ned brings an unusually high level of technical expertise to the supervision and project management of a building project.


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