New Online Resource Helps Construction Supervisors on the Job

and In their Careers proves learning leads to advancement


Lancaster, PA – Ned Pelger knows what it’s like to be on a construction site and be caught between a blueprint and the real world.


“Construction supervisors regularly face unique problems.  I want to give them more tools to succeed,” says Ned Pelger, P.E. and founder of the online service; a web resource for Construction Superintendents who need answers for real world problems that crop up on a jobsite.


Pelger has spent his career in the construction industry in various capacities as a Construction Supervisor, Project Manager, Structural Engineer and Company President.

He currently owns and operates Pelger Engineering and Construction, Inc., a firm he founded in 1996 to provide construction management services.


“ is my contribution to this great industry,” he notes.  “I believe that you can succeed in construction no matter what your gender, race or even IQ as long as you have a compelling desire to grow and learn throughout your career.”


Pelger has compiled and organized vast amounts of information on the website with subjects ranging from sitework to carpentry to electrical construction.  He organized the first level of information by taking common jobsite questions and providing short and easy to understand answers.


“It’s not all just about construction and trade skills, though,” says Pelger.  “The People Skills sections are just as important.  Communication, conflict resolution and other “soft skills” are critical in bringing a construction project to completion.  In addition to the hard trade skills, it’s about working together as a team to ‘get ‘er done’.”


Pelger’s goal of extending information and education to Construction Superintendents has been well received.  The website received thousands of visits prior to the formal launch and is already the most popular Construction Supervisor website in the world.


“A young person hoping to move into construction supervision will find this site tremendously helpful, but so will the experienced superintendent trying to recall some specific rule of thumb or trick of the trade” notes Pelger. continues to expand its resources and Pelger is actively developing ways for Construction Supervisors to interact on the site and create a community for discussion and learning.


A blog, is available for Construction Services to post their comments and questions and to interact with Pelger as he creates an online community.


More information on Pelger and his vision for the site is available at


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