Posted by: nedpelger | March 5, 2010

Movies that Motivate

I’ve written a few posts recently admonishing you to reach out and help someone. Not sure why this theme keeps buzzing in my brain. Maybe because I have a bit more time to think (thank you Mr Economy) and I’m counting what’s mattered in my life and what’s been filler. All the time and efforts that I’ve invested in others matters more to me than anything else. Relationships trump everything.

We saw The Blind Side last night and loved it. It’s the story of Michael Orr, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. As a brief summation, a privileged (and gorgeous) woman takes in a homeless kid. The trailer below gives the flavor of the movie.

The movie encourages me to look beyond what I think I see. I’m challenged, as Goethe said, to treat people not as they are, but as they are capable of becoming.

Last week, TBW and I watched Precious, another amazing movie that inspires and illuminates.

If you get a chance to see these movies, I hope you also are moved to be the best you. The place to start those changes, then, will be in your relationships. I ask you to think deeply about how you could help someone you know. Perhaps it’s a young pipe layer struggling with staying married. Maybe it’s a two time drug loser who’s begging you for one last chance to be the foreman you know he could be.

Those two examples came to mind because two Construction Superintendent pals of mine encountered those exact situations a few years ago and put in the effort to get involved and take a chance. All the lives involved were enriched by their actions. So go ahead, put in the time and take a risk. It’s worth the effort.

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