Posted by: nedpelger | March 3, 2010

Be Cool

Bruce Springsteen is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever known. I was a sound roadie on his 1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town tour and got to know him a bit. He treated everyone he met with respect and had fun doing it. The tour was over 100 shows and each one was amazing. He’d play for almost 4 hours, with a unique performance each night. It wasn’t canned, it was him giving everything he had.

Since then, I’ve always wanted to give everything I’ve had, whatever the endeavor. It’s a great way to live. No excuses, no regrets.

I remember one night after his show we were loading the trucks and his tour bus had some mechanical problem, so they couldn’t leave yet. He and the band came piling off the bus as he announced they were all heading up to a strip bar about a block away. Miami Steve VanZandt yelled as they were walking away, “That’s why he’s the Boss!”

Bruce helped others often, sometimes giving, sometimes going onstage and playing with local bands in a bar. He seemed to live in the moment and try to do the right thing as it came up. The video below shows him playing guitar with some kid in Copenhagen. I can imagine him being recognized, the kid asking him to play and someone just catching it on video.

If you have a few minutes, watch the video and listen to the words. The story is about a construction worker enduring hard times, financially and emotionally. Does that sound familiar?

Let me challenge you right now. If you are suffering through this economy, take the initiative to get to know yourself better and map out a great future life. My book Joyful Living: Build Yourself a Great Life! can be downloaded free and has some more funny Bruce Springsteen stories in it. Or use some other resource to examine where you are and where you want to go.

On the other hand, if you are prospering through these times, take a clue from The Boss, reach out and help others. Don’t do it in some grand fashion, just pay attention and learn to feel where the spirit moves you. Learn to spot opportunities to do some good without making it a big deal. Sometimes, it becomes a big deal for others.


  1. Ned,

    How cool is it that your boss, was once ‘The Boss’!? Downloading your ebook now.



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