Posted by: nedpelger | February 23, 2010

Photos to Make You Feel Good about Your Construction Quality

Here are some fun photos that, at the very least, should make you feel more like a quality Construction Professional. I’ve learned long ago that one of the secrets to happiness is not setting the standards too high.

When buildings get designed entirely for efficiency, ugly tends to follow. Here’s a building that should win an ugly award.

I guess the folks below decided to increase the ugly in their building by adding a little prison cell off the back.

The entrance sign to this upscale little entrance reads, “Paradise”. Kind of makes me wonder what’s inside?

I guess the house below was built on the hope that it wouldn’t get too windy.

I don’t want to leave the mechanical trades out of the fun, so I’ve included the wonderfully creative adventure in sewer piping shown below. Take a moment and follow the logic of what drains what.

Finally, I actually like this last addition. Someone decided to chuck the status quo and built themselves a rocking roof-top terrace. It looks like a place where fun happens.

If you want to see more of these sort of photos, they came from a Dark Roasted Blend post on Architectural Horrors.

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