Posted by: nedpelger | February 1, 2010

Snot Stalactite

I believe in trying to keep my body reasonably fit and strong as I age. To that end, I ride bike with some buddies early Sunday mornings. Yesterday was cold (10 degrees F at Curt’s house) but we don’t let that stop us. After being out about an hour, I got a flat tire. As I began to replace the tube, I looked at Curt and saw this 1 1/4″ mucus-icle hanging from his nose. He had no idea it was there. So of course I needed to capture this disgusting Snot Stalactite on my phone camera and share it with you.

With a friend like me, Curt has no need to worry about his enemies. For those of you interested in justice, though, you’ll be pleased to know that he did thoroughly kick my butt on the ride.


  1. Kurt was unaware of his internet notoriety until I brought it up last night in spin class. He said it took 3 hours for his drinking water to thaw out AFTER the ride was over!

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