Posted by: nedpelger | December 18, 2009

Construction Phone Apps Part 5

We received the prototypes of the first 4 construction phone apps from the developer. Frankly, it’s amazing to use have these programs on our phones. Only a few weeks ago they were a concept rolling about in my head. We are testing and making some final modifications prior to releasing for sale. I’m pumped.

Here is another of the construction phone apps that’s being developed.

Communicate Better with Personality Profiles

Concept: Use this simple test to assess someone else’s (and your own) personality style, then follow the recommendations to better communicate with that person.

Details: By judging what attributes someone else seems to have, you can get a decent sense of their personality style. You will deal with that person much more successfully if you understand how to communicate with them, motivate them and generally deal with them. This simple personality profile uses four categories to help you understand.

Example: You have a boss who seems to get annoyed every time you deal with him. You quickly go through this app and find you are a Calculating Controller, someone who loves to understand the details and be precise and clear. You find your boss is a Demanding Driver (D), an impatient and decisive person. When you give lots of detail to your boss, he gets annoyed and thinks less of you. You need to learn to communicate with him in short, focused bits. You need to summarize and make recommendations. Here are 3 specifics the program would give you:

1. The details you cherish will likely annoy the D. Practice to get your points made quickly.

2. Don’t be overwhelmed by the forcefulness or bluster of the D. Remember that you thoroughly understand your agenda. Don’t let yourself be bullied or taken too far off point.

3. Remember that while a D will make a quick decision, well reasoned arguments can help the D change to a better decision.

Price: $1.99

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