Posted by: nedpelger | December 15, 2009

Construction Phone Apps Part 4

This phone app should help anyone involved in construction. I’ve just included the common units that we find ourselves needing to convert, though I couldn’t resist including cubits as a nod to Bill Cosby and Noah.

I often am standing on a jobsite and need to convert units to make a better decision about a problem I’m trying to resolve. To be able to pull my phone from my pocket and be able to get an answer within 30 seconds without memorizing anything would be great. I’m hoping others feel the same way.

Converting Units for Construction Problem Solving  and Converting Inches and Decimal Feet

Concept: A simple to use measurement conversion that includes most of the common construction conversion units.

Details: Unlike the all encompassing unit conversion programs that have so many weird units that complicate things, this simple phone app presents the most common construction units conversions (length, area, volume, mass, density, pressure, acceleration, energy and power) for quick and easy use. The Inches to Decimal feet is also included.

Example: You know your propane temporary heating unit produces 25,000 Btu/hour. You have a 5KW electric heating unit that you could also hook up, but wonder if it’s a waste of time. How close are the two heaters? A quick check shows that the electric heater will almost double your temporary heat.

Price: $1.99

Would you find this useful?

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