Posted by: nedpelger | December 12, 2009

Construction Phone Apps Part 3

Here’s another phone app I think many will find useful. What do you think? I’d really appreciate some feedback if you think you’d be interested. Do you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android? Would you want any of these applications on your phone?

Wood Beam Design for Contractors

Concept: Design a wood beam

Details: A simple beam design program that considers a single centered point load or a uniformly distributed load for various lumber types, with input for span and beam dimensions.

Example: You have a wood 6 x 6 spanning the top of scaffolding and a come along lifting from it. You want to make sure the wood beam is more than adequate for the load you are hoisting. You know it’s treated yellow pine, spans 5’ and is trying to lift a 1,500 pound load. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if the calculation supports what your gut tells you?

Price: $1.99

Please either post a comment here or back on the Forum.

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