Posted by: nedpelger | December 9, 2009

Construction Phone Apps Part 2

From the onset, my idea driving was to help Construction Supervisors and PMs do their jobs better and advance their careers. By having useful technical and people skill information easily available, Supers and PMs can learn and grow.

To some extent that concept has worked, but being on a jobsite and stopping to get connected to a website just isn’t convenient. I thought more Supervisors would look up items at home on their off time, but I guess people have lives. When a Construction Supervisor would benefit from knowing the exact dimensions of a steel I beam, for example, he should be able to grab that info in 30 seconds. That’s the beauty of the Construction Phone Apps.

The second construction phone app I’ll be releasing in a few weeks will solve that very problem.

Steel Hot Rolled Shapes
Concept: Have all the hot rolled steel tables available in your phone.
Details: Find the dimensions and weight if you know the member name (W8x18) or find the member name with the dimensions of an existing steel member.
Example: The structural drawings show a C12x21 that gets notched into a block wall. You need to find the dimensions in order to properly saw the block wall. This app allows you to quickly get to a screen that shows the important dimensions of steel rolled shapes. On the other hand, perhaps you have a steel beam on an existing building and know the dimensions but need to find size.
Price: $1.99


  1. Sounds good Kned! Are you using the virtual test phones, or picking people from the forum?

  2. I’m just picking up the phones and using them for testing. Maybe Debby will use the iPhone, we’ll see.

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