Posted by: nedpelger | November 27, 2009

Construction Thanksgiving

Bob Sherrard, a wise contractor I worked with, told me, “In Construction, you can make decent money in the good times, on the occasional project real good money, but in the tough times you just survive.” Maybe you found this to be true this past year or perhaps you found that the work keeps coming in the door (it has for us).

Regardless of whether you’ve been busy or slow, thriving or struggling, give thanks for being in this fantastic business. We get to conceive of projects, solve all sorts of challenging problems, work with a cast of characters right out of Characterville and see the results of our labors rise out of the ground and be inhabited. Most of us in construction get to experience a level of job satisfaction that few other industries provide.

So even in the challenging times, take time to consider how lucky you are to do good work you enjoy with good people.

You know, you could have a job inspecting train tracks, like the 30 second video below. It’s worth watching, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. Thanks for sending it to me, Kneal.

Aren’t you thankful that’s not your job?


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