Posted by: nedpelger | November 20, 2009

The Hole Story: A Great Resource for Perforated Products

I stumbled onto a free catalog and website that many of you will find useful. The McNichols Company sells perforated metals, gratings and meshes in metal and fiberglass. That seems like a big “Who Cares?” until you look at their website or catalog.

They offer industrial products that can be used in refreshingly different ways…and at affordable prices.

As I struggle to get a good look on a project without spending a fortune, I’m definitely coming back to this catalog for ideas.  A cool industrial product, used creatively, makes a strong aesthetic statement.

The fact that the founder was WWII bombadier who survived a crash and POW camp also made for a good quick read.

Check out this site and get the catalog, you’ll find it useful.

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