Posted by: nedpelger | November 13, 2009

Bubble Buildings in Dubai

My good friend Holmes just visited Dubai on business. He and I have been friends since we met on the school bus in 7th grade and it’s always great to catch up with him. From him I developed the theory of “The Scent”. There was a pretty eighth grade girl with big brown eyes and built, as we said in those days, like a brick shithouse. I couldn’t understand how this girl liked Holmes and not me. In fact, lots of the girls seemed to have a special place for Holmes. I determined that he had “The Scent”.

He put off some sort of charming chemical that weakened knees. Since he still manages to charm his way through crazy situations all over the world, I believe even more strongly in my Scent theory. His wife of about 30 years grudgingly agrees. He and I were in each other’s weddings and have stayed friends through the good, the bad and the not so pretty.

But I digress. Dubai continues to fascinate me. The biggest construction boom in history has just ended there as it appears the bubble has burst. Holmes sent me a couple of photos.


This was the view Holmes had as he walked out of his hotel. Wow! I really can’t imagine what it would be like to work on a project of that scale.

The photo below he captioned with, “More hotels, not sure who’s going to stay in them, though.”


Right now, I’m liking my nice little business that keeps me busy building fun projects with great people. Life is good.


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