Posted by: nedpelger | October 21, 2009

Power Tools and Pumpkin Carving

You have to love a website that recommends using a Sawz-All for decapitating a pumpkin (i.e. cutting the hole in top to remove the guts). This website starts with a great video using the professional wrestlers “The Bumping Uglies” to introduce the concepts.

Since we all love to build things, I challenge you to have some fun with your kids, grand-kids, neices and nephew or even just for yourself and carve some kickass pumpkins this year. Here’s a short list of helpful guidelines from the site.

  1. Use a power washer to clean the pumpkin, it’s quick and fun.
  2. Sawz-All the hole in the top, tilting the blade so the lid doesn’t fall through and cutting a little notch in the lid so you can easily fit it back into place each time.
  3. An ice cream scooper gets the seeds and goo out easily.
  4. Use a jig saw or scroll saw to cut the various openings.

If you want a few ideas of what to carve, the following video should help. So have some fun, Halloween only comes one time a year.


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