Posted by: nedpelger | September 30, 2009

What America Needs: More Buildings Shaped Like Food

Have you ever had the opportunity to work on any novelty architecture projects? It’s fun and challenging to get out of the norm of construction and work on some odd ball projects. This Appetizing Architecture post shows lots of fun food buildings and structures. A few photos below give you a taste…

Like a drive through donut shop in (where else?) California


Or a giant milk bottle ice cream stand in Boston.


The Longaberger Basket building below is a much more substantial project. Built over 10 years ago, the corporate office building became a tourist destination for Longaberger basket devotees. This project really helped build their brand.


Most of us aren’t going to get to work on projects this wacky, but we may have some fun things come our way. I did an Isaac’s Deli building a few years ago and had to figure out how to design and build a steel gull wing sculpture/canopy above the entrance.

At the time, it seemed like one more thing to do during a busy time. It didn’t feel like a fun challenge, it was a pain, something that took time I didn’t think I had. I look back, though, with fondness and a bit of nostalgia.

As you struggle this week, doing more than you think you can get done. Take a moment to stop and appreciate the fact that you get to do some challenging work. Look back on some things you’ve completed and let yourself feel good about your accomplishments. This is your life, baby, enjoy it.



  1. Hey why not? Sponge Bob drove a car in the shape of a crabby patty with pickles for wheels! If you have you young kids you know what I mean. If not you’ll have to rent the movie.

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