Posted by: nedpelger | August 26, 2009

A Few Stories to Make You Feel Better About Your Life

My son just showed me a website called F#&k My Life that let’s people share their tales of woe. I could relate to lots of the examples. Some are shown below.

Today, I caught my dad squishing my stick-on bra cups in his hands, trying to figure out what they are. He’s an engineer who graduated from MIT. I still don’t think he knows what they are. FML

Today, I was driving my car and I thought the construction guy was flirting and waving at me. So I drove by him, waving back and hit an oil spill and my car ended up spinning out of control. He was trying to direct me away from the oil spill. FML

Today, I woke up to the sounds of birds singing, the smell of butter pancakes in the air and thought to myself “Wow, today is going to be great day. I can feel it!” Excited, I jumped out of my bed and threw open the door to see my 58 year old mother doing her morning stretches in the nude. FML

Today, I found out why my 5 year old son’s teacher acts so awkward around me. My son told everyone in his class that I work as a stripper. I’m not a stripper, I work at the strip mall. FML

Today, I had my friend Mark over for dinner. My Dad asked him what his dad did for a living. We all squirmed a bit when he told us that his dad died last year. We all went about finishing our meal when suddenly my dad says: “I’m sorry, Mark, what did you say your dad did for a living again?” FML

So maybe your life looks just a little bit better, by comparison.


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