Posted by: nedpelger | August 22, 2009

Misc Items of Interest

The article at this link tells 5 short success stories from varied industries. Opening with a story about a guy who goes from assistant construction superintendent to vice-president of a $1 billion construction company (with no formal construction education), the article illustrates the possibility of career growth. He also give some good people skills advice.

The other four stories, taken from widely scattered fields, will also motivate anyone considering change. In these times, we all should be considering change. As I stressed in the last posts, take some time to think deeply about where your current job and industry are going and where you want to go.

Another recent story that amused me concerned a Construction Superintendent in Virginia who had his Bank of America credit card rate almost doubled, for no real reason other than they could. He made the sign shown below and put it in his pickup truck.


He gets lots of comments and has become a local celebrity. His bosses decided they don’t need BOA as an enemy (who knows who will finance your next project) and told him to keep it off the job site. He complied, mounting the sign on the trailer shown above and dragging it around on his non-work hours. It’s a fun article to read if you have the time.

Finally, in anticipation of the thrills and chills of grandchildren, I give you this 25 second video that will make you laugh. Doesn’t he look like a future engineer, as he parks midway between the two cars?



  1. Thanks for sharing that. I especially like the story of the construction superintendent to vice president. There were some parallels to his story and some others that I know.

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