Posted by: nedpelger | July 31, 2009

A Great Car Device for $1.99

A friend recently sent me a link to purchase a devise that plugs into a car lighter and charges all sorts of electronic devices through a USB cable. Since many of our electronic devices (smart phones, MP3 players, cameras, GPS, etc) can have their batteries recharged through the USB data connector, this device could be used in place of lots of device specific chargers. It seems like an innovative device that I want to have in any car I’ll be driving.

When I saw the device sells for $1.99, with free shipping and comes from Hong Kong, I was skeptical. My buddy ordered a couple, though, and got them in a few weeks. He tells me the devices work well, so I’ve ordered a few for us.

By the way, how do they sell a device for under $2 and ship it free from Hong Kong? Perhaps I’ll find an unpleasant answer to that question, but what the heck…life is for the living.

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