Posted by: nedpelger | July 17, 2009

Death Before Dishonor

I came across this cool free download that I thought you might enjoy.

The Secrets of Jujitsu: A Complete Course in Self Defense

Written in 1920 by Captain Smith, a US Army hand to hand combat instructor for WWI, this book illustrates his years of learning self-defense secrets in Japan from the Jujitsu style. He also includes several great submission tricks for bringing a hooligan to his knees with a simple wrist grip or escorting a trouble maker outside with special arm grip.

The writing style of the book makes me smile, this honorable guy teaching valuable information back at the Great War. If you check it out I’m sure you’ll learn something useful you didn’t know. He ends the book with the phrase “Death Before Dishonor”, which I hope I embrace in my life.

While thinking of death, I got an odd email from my son today telling me about Google Health and one of their programs which lists one’s Advance Directive for End of Life Care. I’m not sure what Lex is trying to tell me…or if he knows something I don’t. It’s a good thing to have one of those in place, though, and I don’t. So I printed it out and will make my decisions, then sign, scan and file on Google Health. One more thing off my to do list. I encourage you to do the same.


  1. I want the grandfather clock, your books and the old tools. That is all.

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