Posted by: nedpelger | July 1, 2009

Success as a Journey

Richard St. John built a successful business, lost it, then built it again in a way that made more sense for him. In the process, he figured out the eight words that lead to success:

  1. Passion
  2. Work
  3. Focus
  4. Push
  5. Ideas
  6. Improve
  7. Serve
  8. Persist

I believe the first secret of success is “Successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do and won’t do.” The concepts listed above provide further instruction. Don’t live your life without thinking. Don’t get to the end and wish you’d headed in another direction.

I encourage you to take some time to think and learn. Watch the video below to be challenged.

Remember, it’s your life (nobody else’s) to live and invest your time and energy as you determine. Please don’t squander the opportunities. Think, learn and grow.



  1. Great Quickie!

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