Posted by: nedpelger | June 26, 2009

Compared to this Guy, I’m Having a Great Day

I was standing in a Porta-Potty yesterday, thinking about how much work we have to do on the project and how little time we have to do it, when an all-terrain forklift drove right by the toilet. I could see out the slotted vents how close that forklift was. I smiled, thought of the short video below and said to myself, “Compared to this guy, I’m having a great day.”

Hope you also have great day. Remember, one of the secrets to joyful living is thinking about all the ways it could be worse. Today I’m happy because I’m not likely to have jobsite filth cascading all over me.



  1. Kind of reminds me of my last business meeting… The filth cascading all over me that is…

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