Posted by: nedpelger | June 24, 2009

Ready, Set…Communicate

Construction PMs and Superintendents spend lots of time talking. Some of that talk time is social and lubricates the relationships we use to get things done. Some of that talking, though, needs to get certain information understood and acted upon. When we talk about the importance of communication for construction leaders, we mean this ability to get our point across in a clearly understood way.

Ed Abel, a former Construction Supervisor who went on to run several of his own successful companies, knew how to communicate in a way that stuck. First, he knew what he wanted to say. Then, he said it, in a clear way, looking right into your eyes and watching to see if you got it. Generally, he assumed you didn’t get it the first time (a good assumption). So then he stepped a bit closer, into your space, and said it again. Then he step back and said it again.

Then he asked you if you understood and got you to tell him what you were going to do. When he walked away, he knew that he’d communicated.

Is it worth the effort? Only you can answer that question. I can tell you, though, that those who communicate well tend to succeed in their endeavors.


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