Posted by: nedpelger | June 1, 2009

Beautiful Bridges in China

My son Lex sent me this link under the heading, “Pop’s Porn”.  It’s true I love to see elegantly designed and constructed structures. I studied reinforced concrete design under Prof. David Billington in college. He opened my eyes to the possibility of combining the truth of how structures actually work with a sleek, efficient design aesthetic. The bridges of Robert Malliart especially illustrated this principle.

On family vacations, we’d often drive out of our way to see famous bridges. We’d stop and I’d ooh and ahh and take photos while Debby and the kids would roll their eyes to the extent that I thought an eye might actually end up rolling out of a socket and onto the ground. We didn’t lose any eyes, but I did get to see lots of beautiful bridges.

Never having been to China, though, I missed these amazing structures shown in Dark Roasted Blend.



It appears their construction safety standards may be a bit more lax than I’m accustomed to.


Isn’t this a beautiful shot? Hope you have a chance to build something beautiful today. Or at least the opportunity to do work that you enjoy.



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