Posted by: nedpelger | May 29, 2009

The Wages of Sin is…Prison and Maggots

Construction Supervisor Mark Hawkins hails from Britain and worked in Dubai. He decided to cross that marital infidelity line with Sally Anita, another Brit in her early 40s. Mrs Anita’s husband let the police know that the couple was canoodling at a 5 star hotel in Dubai.


Now Mark Hawkins and Sally Anita both find themselves in a horrendous prison, probably for a year. Adultery turns out to be a serious crime in Dubai. Mrs Anita says, “It’s filthy here. The food – when you get it – has maggots in it. The lights are on all day and night. I have no-one to talk to. I am confused, frightened and I feel totally abandoned. We sleep two women to each bunk. I share my bed with a Russian woman. We sleep top to tail. It’s horrendous.”

So here’s another reason (besides having to give away half your stuff) to not think with your Johnson. Just think of this as a little public service announcement.


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