Posted by: nedpelger | May 12, 2009

Tangled Up and Blue

If you work in construction, you encounter an increasing number of wires and cables in your world. Everyone seems to want more data ports, more phones, more power outlets and more cable TV jacks.  My Dad and Grandfather had a small electrical contracting business and had pride in the neatness of their cable runs. I learned at an early age to run the cable straight and true, to care what it looked like even if most other people didn’t.

The assortment of photos at Dark Roasted Blend fascinates me and I thought you would enjoy seeing a few of them. I’ve seen some ugly electric utility company wiring in Third World countries, but this photo from Vietnam takes it to another level.


The fact that workers need to get in that mess, as shown below from Nepal, further amazes me.


Of course, I don’t get to see that kind of wiring on my job sites, but the phone and data wiring below looks a bit too familiar.



Enough of the crap, the photo below shows what we strive for on our projects.


Speaking of crap, though, I saved the best for last. I think this photo takes multi-tasking to a whole new level.



  1. “Is the network back up yet?”

    “Yeah, hold on forHHhhNGR*Grunt* one minute”

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