Posted by: nedpelger | March 10, 2009

The Explosive Nature of Opera

My son forwarded me this wonderful video from the Virginia Department of Transportation, which shows many of their bridges being demolished to the sound of opera music. If you have a few minutes, watch the video, not just to be entertained, but to learn about the intricacy of explosives. Watching several of those bridges drop intrigued me, particularly when only a portion of the bridge was demolished and the rest needed to remain in service. The small, precise charges worked exactly as they were designed. It’s a joy to watch.  I encourage you to watch the entire clip, it may seem that it repeats, but some of the best parts are near the end.

And now for something completely different, yet still transportation related. Test Your Awareness with the simple test in the next short video.

How did you do? Since a good friend of mine was whacked by a car last fall while cycling and I had a truck with a construction trailer miss me by inches a week ago, I hope you heed the message and pay attention for cyclists while driving.



  1. I did not see the bear…I sure hope thats not an indicator of something else!

    That was a cool video

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