Posted by: nedpelger | March 5, 2009

A Terrorist No More

As you may recall, my first attempts at producing some instructional videos were described as terrorist quality level…without the exciting parts. Well, with the help from a couple of amazing video guys from the LCBC Church project that we’re building (Thanks Brian and Ryan), the video quality level has skyrocketed.

Please have a look at this video below and give it a YouTube rating (it only takes one second and they don’t hassle you or lead you to any other screens):

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. I’ve got two other videos I’ll finish editing and will also be posting soon. I’m just at the point of putting a big push onto the site, to see if we can get more interaction and benefit. This will be fun…stay tuned.


  1. Wow, amazing transformation! Excellent Work!
    Thank you LCBC for taking KNed under your wing 🙂

    Only other suggestion is getting “Mic’d”

    Your sound quality should improve dramatically as well.

  2. Honorable #1 son wrote the following:

    you should have a youtube link so people can get to the site to favorite it or rate it, most people will just watch it in your website

    don’t look so serious. you’re squinting.

    what about having text pop-ups next to your head:
    at top: what makes you successful?
    then add bullet points like luck and then cross it out as you shoot it down
    parents and then cross it out

    then have the answer to fly in next to your head as you see it

    the video is good (where are you filming?) but the audio is not quite there. you should be mic’d if you are not.

    your presentation is good but you need to practice it until you have your cadence down. you stumble several times and it’s distracting. also, if you practiced it enough, you could simply refer to the cue cards instead of obviously reading from them which would be a nice though not necessary step. looking at the camera helps.

    of these, cadence is the most important.

    Overall: B
    good start but needs more polish

    My response to him: I should have worn a condom. Though I actually really appreciated his detailed suggestions and agree with almost all of them. It’s just hard hearing it from the fruit of my loins.

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