Posted by: nedpelger | February 27, 2009

Please Do Me a Favor…

The number of visitors to this blog has increased substantially in recent months, while the website traffic has been steady. I’m just completing my first three video training segments (that no longer resemble terrorist videos) that I’ll send out in the first edition of the Super Tips Newsletter. I’m hoping the Super Tips Newsletter and the videos will help many more people utilize this site.

One of the most useful, and fun, aspects of this site could be the Forum. It’s wonderful to connect with others that share an interest in construction, both to get suggestions for solving a problem and just to laugh. As an example, check out this Forum about “Old Timer’s Words of Wisdom” from I’d really like to get that kind of interaction going on this site.

So here’s my favor request, please post a comment below to help me revise the Forum section:

  1. Which Forum sites do you use (if any) and what do you like about them?
  2. Should I try to simplify the Forum site to just a “General” heading for now, than expand it as demand leads?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for the Forum page?

I know you don’t like posting comments, but I’d really appreciate if you could give me some feedback here. It feels like now is the time to really push to the next level and making the Forum work is an essential part of that. I really appreciate your help.



  1. Ned,
    I do not really belong to any other forums other than Facebook. So I am probably not a good one to ask about this.

    I think the way the forum is situated now seems simple enough and i am not sure if I would change anything.

    I wonder if not enough people know about the forum. There are only about 24 registered users. Many of them have never posted. I know I try to plug the site to supers and others in our company. I know they read the forum occasionally but they haven’t participated yet that I know of.

    Judging by the stats counter on this blog, it seems to have more hits. Would it help to mention the forum at the end of a few blog entries with a link? I know you have the link to the right of your blog but maybe people are lazy or don’t notice it.

  2. Rick, I think you’re right. I am going to start a push to get more people registered and posting on the Forum.

    After a few other discussions, particularly with one old Superintendent who told me, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify” I did make some changes in the Forum that make it easier to know how to post.

    I think we can get some decent discussions going on there.

  3. I think you’re on the right track with the forum, but also remember that it will be utilitarian, not a lot of people are going to log in and read through all the posting, I have a feeling that it will become a “Point Solution” for when someone needs a question answered.

    Alternately, if all the Blog Postings are there, you could disable comments on the Blog and push that content to the forum, making it the clearinghouse for all things KNed 🙂

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