Posted by: nedpelger | February 11, 2009

A Jeweler’s Generosity

I came across the story of John Harding, a 50 year old Construction Superintendent from Valencia, CA, this morning. He lost his residential superintendent job 18 months ago and hasn’t been able to find another. He stated, “It’s never taken me longer than two weeks to find another job”. Recently his unemployment benefits ended and he had to sell his work truck.

Knowing that Valentine’s Day was coming soon and wanting to find a nice present for his girlfriend, John wasn’t sure what to do. He found his answer in a Jeweler’s generosity. Apo Yessayan, owner of Classic Designs Jewelry, decided to give away 100 sterling silver diamond heart pendant necklaces to residents who lost a job or a home. The necklaces retail for up to $290 each and come in a gift-wrapped velvet box.

“We understand that the economy is hurting people in the community, and we are a part of the community. We want to help out, plain and simple,” Yessayan said. “It’s a way of saying thank you for supporting our local business and a small way of giving back.”

Harding continues to send out resumes and promote his handyman business. He says, “It takes a person with a generous heart to do something like this for people. I’ve never run into this situation before and to see someone going out of his way and sacrificing his own profit for other people makes me feel more upbeat.”

If you have the chance to help someone in these challenging times, take it.



  1. Great story, thank you for sharing that. I have similar story that involves people within the company that I work for.

    Locally, as you know, the site construction industry has been directly impacted by our nation’s economic downturn. As a business we have been forced to temporarily lay off some really great people.

    While on lay off, we had 2 employees volunteer to travel with a local church on a missions trip to New Orleans. The work they went to perform was reconstruction of homes in the still battered city from Hurricane Katrina.

    Through this dark and seemingly desolate time, I find it so inspiring to see and hear of people giving when they themselves may not have much to give to others. These 2 people that I work with have set a great example for all to follow.

    Thanks again for sharing that story!

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