Posted by: nedpelger | February 2, 2009

The Value of Life Long Learning

I’m in Las Vegas for the World of Concrete Exposition and a few seminars. The Beautiful Wife (TBW) and I will also take a full day tour of the Hoover Dam. I’ve got a nice little business that runs rather smoothly, thank you very much, so why am I out here expanding my horizons? I value life long learning. If I’m living, I want to continue learning, growing and teaching.

My World of Concrete seminars should teach me a few things about training Construction Supervisors. Getting a useful, take home idea makes the trip worthwhile. I’ll also see all the latest concrete products and technology and learn some things I didn’t even know I needed to know. That’s the beauty of keeping a focus on life long learning.

Perhaps you are just getting started in construction and struggling with the most basic concepts. Perhaps you never understood basic arithmetic and now find that you need to do some of it in your job. You’ve bluffed so far because you really don’t want to look stupid. My advice? Commit to Learning, now and for the rest of your life…but start with now.

I came across these great You Tube videos in which a math teacher simply explains basic concepts while giving examples (which is about the only way I can learn).Check it out, let me know what you think.

If you’re reading this blog, I hope you utilize to learn more general technical issues. I’m almost ready to start sending a monthly SuperTips Newsletter which will highlight a few training issues and include videos. As an aside, learning how to produce a decent training video has been a great learning experience for me. My early attempts apparently had the level of quality of terrorist videos.

math videos that are available on my you tube page

Want to Learn Basic Math Better?



  1. Perhaps you could point us to your “my you tube page” ? Is there a link you can share?

  2. Sure, here are a couple of my video masterpieces.

    I’ll try to do better, Sir!

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