Posted by: nedpelger | January 23, 2009

Creative Problem Solving

Construction Supervisors tend to excel at creative problem solving. Many of us got into this business because we liked figuring out how to build things. Below are a few creative solutions to problems that made me smile. I found these at Dark Roasted Blend. The small house/carport below was built in Japan, where space matters.


I guess space matters as well to the family cat. Though I doubt she ever showed any gratitude for this nice structure. You know how cats are.


Finally, this kid built a kick-ass mobile sound system. I think he could have a bright future ahead…or at least a loud one.


Hope you have a nice week-end. I’m going to be working on my ConstructionKnowledge instructional videos that I post on YouTube. My friend John Matarazzi told me I look like a communist in the videos, so I’m going to try to improve the production quality.


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