Posted by: nedpelger | January 14, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Construction: #4

#4 Peak Earning Years Extend Longer

When I was a young man, someone shared the concept of the seasons of a career. It went something like this:

  1. 20s: a time for learning and growing
  2. 30s: a time for finding your place
  3. 40s: peak performance and earning years
  4. 50s: settling into a comfortable pattern
  5. 60s: focusing on ending the work life

I remember this illustration because it has seemed true for many people I’ve observed. In fact, with the booming technology changes, the peak performance and earning years for many industries has pushed down into the mid-thirties.

Construction, on the other hand, rewards thoughtful experience and competence more than most industries. Many contractors extend their peak performance into their 50s and 60s. The relationships you build and the improved understanding of the process continue to make you more valuable. Also, the varied nature of projects tends to keep you from getting bored.

I have to add a caveat here, though. Some people get 25 years of experience while others get one years of experience 25 times. The Construction Industry rewards those who strive to learn and grow from their experiences. If you do that, the older you get, the more you’re worth.

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