Posted by: nedpelger | December 18, 2008

Fun Stairs that Don’t Meet Code consistently delivers cool articles that are visually stunning. The stairs shown below are just a few of the ones that really stood out to me. When building commercial and industrial buildings, the building code tends to make stairs functional and boring. The stairs shown here seem to mostly come from residential spaces, where more creativity can be practiced.

Swedish TAF Architects designed these efficient stairs for a tight spot utilizing inexpensive pine boxes. Based on the premise of a ship’s ladder, the rise and run gains elevation quickly. It’s also beautiful.


I love the combination bookshelf and staircase shown below. As a passionate reader and book collector, I’m always trying to find new and better ways to store and showcase books. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more marvelous solution than the one shown below.


Can you guess how the stairs below are built? Maybe start with what material would likely be used? What cantilevers well and doesn’t deflect too much? Steel. The builders buried a steel beam in the wall on the same angle as the stairs and used full welds to connect the treads.


Finally, my favorite stairs just looks like fun.


Seeing that final stair reminds me that I need to work out the details on a similar concept for a large church addition I’m on. We will have two slides that let elementary age kids enter their Sunday School rooms by sliding 14′ (from the floor above) down a helix shaped tube. So I get to have some fun too.


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