Posted by: nedpelger | December 16, 2008

I Love Tools and Equipment

Like most people working in construction, I love tools and equipment. Whether it’s a backhoe operator digging efficiently for footings or a trim carpenter using a power miter saw to install crown molding, I enjoy experiencing the results of the right tool in skilled hands.

I often talk about expanding your technical and people skills like trades people expand their toolboxes. But today I’m just thinking about the real tools. The photo below shows the tool cabinet of a piano tuner named Studley.


Isn’t that a thing of beauty? Can you imagine working everyday and opening that tool chest to find the exact tool you need? Would you agree it’s a different feeling than reaching into a plastic drywall bucket for your mess of tools?

While most men will smirk at this idea, I’m a fan of surrounding myself with beauty and order. Life goes by fast, I like the idea of pleasant places to work and live.  Most job trailers are completely utilitarian, with not a single piece of personality or visual beauty. If you have to work in a space, why not make it appeal to you? Why not add some flourishes that bring you a bit of joy every time you look at them? Maybe even some odd tools on the wall? Do you do this or know anyone that does?

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