Posted by: nedpelger | October 13, 2008

Peculiar Hotels

A few hotels shown at ProTraveler are so innovative and one-of-a-kind that I thought I’d share them with you. In the jungles of India, workmen built four hotel room tree houses with bamboo and local woods. Guests can hike in the mountains, ride an elephant or just watch the jungle go by.

In Vietnam, you can spend $60/night to stay in the Crazy House Hotel (so dubbed by the locals). Built in 1990, this free form building has lots of whimsy. I wonder if the Architect did detailed drawings or if it was a build/design project?

Finally, perhaps the oddest hotel on Earth, really was built to resemble a large toilet. The $1.6 M project was built just south of Seoul, South Korea to help raise awareness of the need for better sanitation throughout the developing world. The owner charges $50,000/night to stay in this crapper, but the money gets donated to help improve global sanitation. The name of this facility? Flush Hotel.


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