Posted by: nedpelger | October 4, 2008

The Effective Construction Supervisor

James Adrian, a consultant and speaker for the construction industry, understands the importance of the Construction Supervisor to successful construction projects. He states in an article titled How to Identify an Effective Construction Supervisor that the 100 decisions a Construction Supervisor makes in a day greatly affects project outcome. He lists 10 skills and attributes below:



  1. very good 10 line items to live by.there are too many superintendents that use bully hard ass tough guy leadership on projects due to there lack of construction knowledge and lack of intelligence to use this tactic to hide there knowledge of construction.i could on and on on this topic.thank you.

  2. On construction site’s I’ve been on, the best worker is usually promoted to supervisor which is not necessarily the best decision. This can turn a great worker into an okay supervisor. I like the definition that A supervisor is a person who performs work through the efforts of others. If you combine that with the list above, I can see how many of the problems found on sites would simply evaporate.

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