Posted by: nedpelger | September 19, 2008

And the Winner is…

The results for the Construction Forum contest show the following winning entries:

What is your favorite saying? Preconman said when things aren’t going well on the jobsite he says, “Great, all we need now are some monkeys and a football.”

The three words every Construction Supervisor wants to hear? “What’s next, boss?” said before you expect it, responded Doublehead.

My favorite story involved a Port-A-Potty (no surprise to anyone that knows me) and was submitted by Cliffjumper.

It was on a jobsite that was 1.5 hours away. After my uncle got there in the morning, he would do his daily ritual in the john. But for some reason one of the other workers had an urge to get to the job early and do his business on top of the closed seat lid (the unknown person would actually stand up on the seat ledge because you could see the shoe prints). My uncle always was the guy who found the fresh offering on top of the toilet lid.

So after a few days of this happening my uncle shows up the jobsite 2 hours early. He proceeds to cut every rivet that holds the seat part to the john walls and then waited. An hour goes by and the prankster shows up and heads to the john and closes the door, the next thing my uncle saw was the guy falling out through the door with his pant around his ankles and blue john water up to his knees. Needless to say the guy never left any more “presents” on the john seat.

Best Question (or Answer) posted in the Super to Super Discussion Forum goes to Panzrule for his discussion and comments about the high price of bituminous paving and if roller compacted concrete paving may soon be another option.

Finally, the Randomly selected prize goes to Metalmike for his safety director story.

I’ll be contacting these folks and sending them each a check for $100. We had 23 entries in the contest, which I suppose isn’t a bad start. I enjoyed all the entries and had lots of good laughs. JMLEB13 definitely gets an honorable mention for describing the fantasy safety director Marine Corps ass-whuppin.  This was fun, we’ll do it again.

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