Posted by: nedpelger | September 15, 2008

Chump Change

Since when did $100 become Chump Change? I’m having a contest at the Discusion Forum at where I’m giving away five cash prizes of $100 on 9/17/08. One of the contests simply asks for your favorite jobsite saying and another one for three words you like to hear on the jobsite.

After almost three weeks, I barely have as many people entered as prizes I’m going to give out. In fact, I have no entries at all in the category of Best Question (or Answer) posted in the Super to Super Discussion Forum. I know thousands of people have perused the Discussion Forum and hundreds have seen these various blog posts. So what gives? Doesn’t $100 motivate any action?

I remember a kid in high school who drank a whole big glass of tobacco juice spit, hocked up loogeys and other disgusting fluids to win $20. Yes, gasoline was $0.60 a gallon then, but I’m not asking you to chug spit either.

You have till 9/17/08 to post some entries.


  1. Don’t remember that one,and I can’t imagine not being invilved in it when it happened…who was it? I know you have to try to be professional and not divulge actual names…but at least give me a hint?

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