Posted by: nedpelger | September 12, 2008

What I’m Trying to Do with this Site

I love being on the jobsite and helping a Construction Supervisor or lead person. We may discuss a structural issue or a water pressure situation or how to deal with some personnel aggravation.  I enjoy learning and teaching. Both happen often when I’m on the jobsite.

My purpose for is to expand this learning and teaching to a world-wide community of Construction Supervisors. The Knowledge Database took me a couple of years to develop and provides useful information for anyone that builds things. But I’d like to go beyond a website that has lots of practical, reference data. I’d like to get interaction between Construction Supervisors and others in this amazing business of construction. The Discussion Forum can accomplish that goal.

Nurses, mechanics and lots of other interest groups have great Fourms where they ask and answer questions, vent and have some fun. There is no place like that for the Construction Industry.

I’m trying to make that place.

If you’d like a place like that as well, please register on the Discussion Forum and post something. I know it’s out of the comfort zone for most of you, but most of the fun in life comes when we’re out of our comfort zone.

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