Posted by: nedpelger | September 10, 2008

Only 7 More Days to Enter the Contest

I’m amazed at how few people have entered the contest by posting an entry on the Discussion Forum. Since I’m giving five $100 prizes, I thought lots of people would throw in an entry. In fact, I barely have five people entered thus far.

I understand it’s a busy time. I’m swamped these days, between banks wanting more information, inspectors going nutty on accessibility issues and just keeping up with shop drawings, job metings and estimates. I enjoy the work, but understand how overwhelming it gets sometimes.

The triathlon this past Saturday gave me some perspective. Hurricane Hanna decided to visit PA that day, so rain was a given. Then I woke up with a migrane headache, not a real bad one, but bad enough. Between the headache and a pulled calf muscle from two weeks ago, my time wasn’t stellar, but I got it done. And it felt great to be done!

Often I decide what to do in my life by how good it feels when I stop. Perhaps I should rethink that strategy? Oh well, it’s gotten me this far…however far that is and will probably continue to carry me along.

So make yourself uncomfortable and post an entry in Discussion Forum. You’ll be glad you did.

My goal for the discussion forum, by the way, is to have a place that Construction Supervisors from all over the world can ask and answer questions, post and read funny stories and just generally connect about this amazing business in which we all participate. It’s a new idea and will take some time

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