Posted by: nedpelger | August 26, 2008

Win $500 if you can make me laugh or think

I decided to have a contest to encourage all you folks visiting the site to get interactive. I’m challenging you to post something in the Discussion Forum that makes me laugh or think (it’s harder to make me think). I’ll send $100 for each of the following categories:

  1. What is your favorite saying? Something you often say on the jobsite. (Stories and Humor)

  1. What are the 3 words every Construction Superintendent wants to hear? Here’s a chance to be creative. (Stories and Humor)

  1. What’s your favorite construction story or joke? I’m looking for someone to add some more humor to the site, so let me know if you’d be interested in writing more. (Stories and Humor)

  1. Best Question (or Answer) posted in the Super to Super Discussion Forum. Post or answer a real issue you are facing. (Super to Super)

  1. Just a random drawing from all the posts to the Discussion Forum. A chance to win for those whose participation doesn’t rise to the stature of greatness (i.e. most of us). (Any Post in the Discussion Forum)

The contest deadline will be September 17, 2008. I’m the judge and I’ll post the winners and send them each $100. I do this when I’m teaching Construction Supervision classes and find the competition and the reward keeps things interesting. And don’t worry, I won’t do anything bush league like award to family members (believe me, I’ve got three kids in their early 20s and have no interest in giving them any more money). So put some posts on the Forum that make me laugh or think. Give it a shot!


  1. I was on a construction job recently and we were installing petroflex, it was coiled on a reel cart. I watched as one of the guys thought he could reel it out by himself. I tried to warn him. I told him that he might be able to turn it 2 or 3 times but on the 4th or 5th time, he really would need more than his own strength to unreel it.

    You know how construction workers are, a bit on the egotistical side and thought he could handle it…even laughing at me, telling me “Maybe YOU would need help!”

    I watched as he unreeled…1..2…3 times on the 4th time, it snatched him off the ground and he spun around the reel 2 or 3. All I could hear was..”WOoaaaah” as he spun each time. After completely his 3rd spin, the reel threw him to the ground. He hollered, “I’m hurt and man, you were right!”

  2. Henry-

    That is a great story that made me laugh out loud. I can imagine that cocky guy flying around that reel like a tail on a kite.

    To enter the contest, though, you have to post that story on the Discussion Forum at

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