Posted by: nedpelger | August 19, 2008

I’ve Got P— Envy

That’s right folks, I’ve got a case of Project Envy. Now I enjoy the projects people hire me to build. Each one challenges me and fulfills me in its own way. But when I saw the photo below, I got a serious case of the wows.

The Burj Dubai skyscraper is almost finished

The Burj Dubai skyscraper is almost finished

The tallest building I’ve had a chance to help build was 6 stories. I’m not complaining, I’ve got a nice little life here. I guess I just feel a bit like I did out in Montana at the naked hot springs when the one fellow stood up.

Anyway, just thought it’s a great photo you’d enjoy as well.


  1. Hey Ned, I enjoyed your humor on this post! Take care.

  2. Ned sorry to hear that you felt small in the hot springs of montana someone once told me it is not the size of the structure it is the integrity of the foundation.

  3. Well, Jay, you made me laugh out loud and that’s always a good thing. My brother, who lives in Montana and was sitting next to me in that hot spring, told me he occasionally sees that guy walking in downtown Missoula. Every single time he sees him, he only thinks one thing.

  4. Ah man… you had me right up to that “Montana” part…
    Talk about “TMI!” (Too much information)
    If it makes you feel any better, I’ll let ya come out and add a stack of containers to our ISBU house, so you can break your record…
    How’s the “tri training” doing? I’ll get my old “triathlon bike” outta storage, if ya need it… LOL!

  5. Thanks for the offer to add another story to your house, but I think I’ll pass. The tri training goes well, I’m not too fanatic about it (no IronMan here). I do them to motivate myself to stay in decent shape. Since fear tends to be the best motivator, the thought on not being able to swim that first mile pushes me to get in the water. By the way, my wife tells me I’ve got a problem with TMI. Oh well, you get what you pay for.

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