Posted by: nedpelger | August 18, 2008

Recent Site and Blog Changes

I hope the Forum on allows lots of Construction Supervisors to talk with each other from all around the country and the world. I hope we help solve each other’s problems, laugh at the crazy things that happen and build a community of people that work in this rarely boring construction business.

Dan Wilt, a Superintendent from South Carolina, has helped me make the Forum better. He encouraged me to check our a few other forums in my areas of interest. So I started to read about old farm tractors, judo and biking. Then I changed the Forum format. In order to see how Forums work, you may want to quickly check one of these forums. We never had anything like this in the world of Construction, but now we do.

At the least, please check out the Construction Knowledge Forum and leave a comment on the thread that asks “What is your favorite saying?” or “What are 3 words every Construction Super wants to hear?” If you’re a bit more adventurous, please start a new thread by asking a question in the Super to Super: Ask a Question and Get the Wisdom of the Collective section. I really hope these Forums take off and become a place for interactive learning and fun.

By the way, if you previously registered, you may have to register again. We struggled with how to stop hundreds of stupid porn posts to the site and finally got a system that seems to work. But we had to purge lots of registrations in the process. So please just register again and post something. Let’s get this snow ball rolling down the hill!

If you’re noisy, like I am, and wonder how many people visit a blog each day, I’ve installed a View My Stats hyperlink on the top left of the blog. A few weeks ago I was getting about 10 people a day (unique visitors) and commented to my son that I’d be better off sending each of them $50 and not bothering to post. Now I’m seeing about 40 to 60 visitors a day so the effort feels more worthwhile…though I still occasionally wonder what the heck I’m doing this for.

On the site, we’ve been growing at about 20% a month and now have about 6,000 unique visitors each month. I’m happy Construction Supervisors are utilizing that resource. By the way, I encourage you to pass this blog and site onto others that you think would benefit from it.

If you like knowing when a blog post appears, you can go to the Subscribe in a Reader hyperlink at the top left of the blog. This free service sends you an email every time I post. It’s easy to subscribe (and unsubscribe too), if you want that service.

Any other little niceties I can add for you, my little pretty?

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