Posted by: nedpelger | August 16, 2008

Utility and Beauty in a Well

The Dark Roasted Blend website (which had a few other cool and/or funny pictures if you have some time) had this story about stepwells in India. The stepwells differ from normal hand dug wells because the people walk the many  stairs to  get to the water.  The 3500 masonry steps shown in the photo below would have been a construction challenge.

Can you imagine the miscellaneous metals job for doing the railings?

Something that has little to do with construction (except I suppose beer and construction generally aren’t that far separated), I found one of the best commercials ever for Guinness Beer. It’s a great festival of toppling things, from dominoes to upended cars, that took hundreds of Argentine villagers and lots of experts a week. It will make you laugh.


  1. Ned,
    I seem to remember that you recently visited India.
    I suspect that you should have visited this well, when you were there! After one or two trips to get water, you’d have been ready for an “Ironman Triathlon!”
    I thought our building a “shipping container” house was taxing… Having this well in your backyard would kill you! LOL!

  2. So what’s a “Shipping Container” house? I know there have been times if our kids were sleeping in a shipping container Debby and I would have mailed it to some distant destination. I mean, we’d have cut in air holes and everything.

  3. Hey Ned,
    You take three shipping containers (8’x8’x40′) and blot them together. Now, take three more, and stack them on top of the first “box.”
    Voila! Instant 1,920 square foot house. No muss, no fuss…
    Just a lot of danged plasma cutting, welding, and painting… Oy Vay, the painting! LOL!
    Good luck with your triathlon training. I did triathlon for about 7 years competitively, about a decade ago… Even did an Ironman or six… Great fun, but man… talk about workouts! Better you than me!

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