Posted by: nedpelger | August 4, 2008

A Great Energy Idea, But Not Quite a Stock Tip

Remember how some American Indians burned buffalo poop as a main source of fuel? How would you like to do that with your own sewage wastes, plus millions of other peoples? Ener Tech Environmental developed the Slurry Carb process that recycles the high moisture biosolids from a sewage treatment plant to create a burnable fuel.  The photo below illustrates the system, but a slide show at Slurry Carb process does a great job of describing the process.

I worked building several waste water treatment plants years ago and understand the difficulties of dealing with the solids. Both dewatering them and getting rid of them is a challenge. As the world goes green, I understand it’s becoming an increasing challenge to get rid of waste water solids. Every year, more counties in California outlaw the spreading of solid wastes on farm fields.

When I read in Engineering News Record this week that a $160M  plant  is being  built  in CA to use sewage solids from LA as fuel to power local cement production kilns, I thought it was one of the best energy ideas I’ve heard. I also thought, “I wonder if there’s a way to buy stock in that company?”.

Ener Tech Environmental is privately held, so no great stock tips today. But another thought occurred to me, as we get more Construction Supervisors coming to and visiting this blog, we should share ideas about projects we’re building for companies that seem well run and have great ideas. Everyone likes to be in on the ground floor of a great new business and I bet that Construction Supervisors have some useful insights to share.I’ve found in construction you really get a sense of the company for whom you build a project.

So how about it, are you currently working on a project for a company that you really think would be a great investment?

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