Posted by: nedpelger | July 26, 2008

My Second Favorite Thing to Do

I went for a walk in the woods this morning, just the dog and I trudging up and down the hills. Red raspberries grow wild in these woods. I love to pick a few deep red wine colored berries and pop them into my mouth. These over-ripened berries are just ready to fall onto the ground and delight me with their sweetness. The walk makes me feel right with the world.

Part of my walk this morning

Part of my walk this morning

Do you know what activities bring you a deep sense of joy? Do you take time to do those things on a regular basis? I’m usually surprised by how many people don’t get off this treadmill life we live and take time for joy. I know that most of us in Construction find some joy in our regular days…along with lots of aggravation. We enjoy being part of the building team. But I’m talking about doing those things that aren’t related to work, that help make you who you are.

When I walk through the woods I look and listen and contemplate the complexity of it all. I talk to my dog. I talk back and forth with God, though I usually do most of the talking. I go through some favorite memory verses. I just walk and daydream. Somehow, though, my day goes better and my week goes better when I walk in the woods on a Saturday morning.

Life goes by fast, discipline yourself to live with joy.


  1. Nice.. I was just reminiscing about Camp Mack with some friends…

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