Posted by: nedpelger | July 17, 2008

Crappy details

We are setting steel and building masonry walls right now on a project that I let get bid and partially built with crappy design details. Last night, as I was sketching how the steel would bear on the mezzanine and how the concrete could be formed with concrete brick, I wondered why I let projects go out for bids without the necessary details needed for construction.

It’s not like this is my first project, why do I have to learn this lesson over and over? Yes, I remember that the Owner was pushing for the bid numbers and everyone involved wanted the project to start soon. I suppose I fell into that habit of thinking that there is enough info on the drawings to bid and we’d work out the other details prior to contract award. But then things get busier and next we are in the field with crappy details.

I told Dereck this morning that I’ll get these details worked out soon. He mentioned something about the job being almost done and it being about time to get my head out of a dark place…or words to that effect.

All of us in construction should try to insist on better details prior to starting projects. It’s not easy, but taking the time to look ahead, realize the information provided isn’t adequate and request better details will help the building process. I have a newfound commitment.

If you wonder why I feel so busy and don’t always get the design details done when I should, I think I need to consider better time management. My method of opening mail, for example, could probably be done more efficiently.

Life is good.


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