Posted by: kaegw | May 28, 2008

Stop. You must not hop on Pop.

Stockholm elevatorThe photo at right shows an old elevator in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m glad I don’t live there because my shoulder would be so sore. David Goligorsky, a friend of mine who recently took the photo, has a great blog Perpenduum. Check it out for some clever design insights and generally entertaining weirdness.

By the way, if you ever happen to ride on an elevator with me, elevator wars sometimes just happen. The objective in an elevator war is to slam into every other person in the elevator with sufficient force and speed to cause them pain. I find these wars especially enjoyable when the other combatants are unaware of the impending battle. Just a little insight into me.



  1. Ned, you’re one weird guy…
    Ever play “Elevator Bunjee Jumping?”
    Well, if I’m ever in an elevator on a job site with you, and you try that, I’ll teach ya the rules, by demonstration.
    Rule Number One: Forget the Bunjee.
    Rule Number Two: Throw idiot for distance.
    Rule Number Three: Repeat the following – “Muuuwaaahahaha!”

  2. Update:
    While on a jobsite today (‘nother casino going in), I mentioned your propensity for “dishing out pain on the ride up.” And, I’ll be damned if one of the Supers here said it’s a custom that’s been going on for years. Who’da thought?
    Even Rednecks do it. Go figure.

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